Thursday, July 29, 2010

I think there are statistics about how much smarter people are in the morning versus later in the day, right? Surely. Not even knowing these statistics, I must agree with them as I am living proof. Every morning I know the right answer to the question on my GoGurt tube. Amazing, right? I mean, who has *that* kind of accuracy?!

Yesterday I ate my GoGurt 3 hours later than usual and, to prove my point, I could not answer that doggone question. Mid-morning dumbness? I'll say! The question was "Can you guess what an ort is? Food scraps, a cross-eyed ape or [...something else I can't remember]." No freaking clue. I had to Google it.

Naturally, this morning as I was easily answering my GoGurt trivia it ocurred to me Hello! It was a trick question. "Can you guess what an ort is?" NO! I cannnot guess that! HaHAA GoGurt, I have beaten you at your own game. Take that.

PS- I eat the natural GoGurt, the tube yogurt for the higher IQ crowd. Not the Trix kind with the easy questions... ;)

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